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Horses and riding are Robynís passion. She took the sort of pony ride we all took when we were very young, and she didnít want to stop. She began riding regularly when she was six years old at Small Pony Hunters, which emphasized presentation. She competed both on and off the island of Marthaís Vineyard, her home, with steady success until she was fifteen. During that time, she attended a number of clinics conducted on the Island by Tom Davis, a trainer from Rehoboth, MA. Tom saw a potential in her riding ability that could allow her to master the challenges of the diverse disciplines involved in eventing: dressage, cross-country jumping, and show jumping.

Tomís focus is three day eventing. His hope was to get Robyn to ride out of his barn so that he could see whether his instinct that she was a natural for the sport were true. When Robyn left the Vineyard to attend Johnson and Wales College in Providence, RI, to complete her high school education and begin her university studies Tom got his wish and he began to teach her the complexities of Eventing.

As he suspected, Robyn took to the training with enthusiasm. Although she was entering a competitive world where most of her fellow riders had been training for eventing since their early teens, or even pre-teens, her dedication and focus on steadily overcoming that initial disadvantage advanced her rapidly through the Novice and Training levels with her horse, McMagic. In June of 2004, when she was still riding at the Novice level, Tom took her for a week of lessons at Independence Farm in New York State with Darren Chiacchia, then recognized as one of the top eventers in the world and a member of the American Olympic eventing team. By May of 2006 she was riding comfortably at Training level with a new horse, Festive Way, who had competed at Intermediate level with a prior owner. Tom took Robyn to a two-day clinic conducted by Darren at Ledyard Farm in northeastern Massachusetts, at the conclusion of which Darren encouraged her to train with him in Florida the following winter.

Robyn concluded the Area I 2006 season at Preliminary level, and in November she trailered Festive Way south to train with Darren as a working student at his barn in Ocala and to compete at the Preliminary level for the duration of the Area III (southeast U.S.) season. Her winter culminated with the completion of her first CCI* at the conclusion of the season at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala, thereby advancing her to FEI international competitive level.

In April, 2007, Robyn returned north to continue her training with Tom Davis and compete in Area I. She has attended four Area I events, winning ribbons at three of them, including a first place at an event at GMHA in Woodstock, VT, where she rode in a level which combined Preliminary cross-country with Intermediate dressage and stadium jumping. She also rode for the first time at the prestigious Groton House Horse Trials in Hamilton, MA, where she finished respectably in the upper third of a large Preliminary division.

Please visit the News page for further updates regarding Robyn's competitive progress.

In February 2010 Robyn was hired at the visiting nurses association in Hyannis on Cape Cod, beginning her career in the medical field and taking on the challenge of balancing a career with the demands of maintaining a training schedule that can keep both her and Mack at the competitive level needed to set the aggressive goals they both so enjoy tackling. She looks forward to it with the determination that anyone who knows her might expect.

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