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TOM DAVIS - from 2001 to present

Tom Davis is a USEA ICP level 2 certified instructor. His farm (Flatlands Equestrian Center) is located in Rehoboth, MA. Tom introduces students and horses to the sport of eventing and gives clinics at several different farms in New England. He has been successfully coaching his students at Area I events for over 10 years. Tom has competed through the Intermediate level of eventing.

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DARREN CHIACCHIA - winters 2006/2007 and 2007/2008

Darren is a member of the USA Three-Day Eventing team. He has successfully competed at all levels of the sport, and takes the time to train his students to become successful athletes. Darren won the individual gold at the 2003 Pan American eventing championships, and competed in Athens in 2004. Darrenís Independence Farm is located in Springville, NY, where he trains during the spring and summer months. Darren and his horses head south to Ocala, FL, every winter, where he trains his students for the Area III season. Darren also runs a breeding and sales business at his farm, from which he produces some of the top horses in the sport.

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Robyn has also worked at various times either in clinics or at events with Lynne Coates-Holmes, Missy Ransehausen, Denny Emerson, Jane Hamlin, Martijn Stuurman, Don Sachey and Babette Lenna.

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